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Keep your accounts on a daily basis


All accounting transactions should be recorded on a daily basis. Accounting documents, bank transactions, sales or purchase invoices, etc. must be filed and it must be verified that all expenses have been accounted for and that each entry has been entered in the corresponding account.o!

Declaring your taxes


Tax filing can sometimes be complicated, especially for young people. Discover all our advice to optimize your money.

Don’t live beyond your means


It seems elementary but it is nevertheless an essential rule to remember. It is less the fact that we earn little that prevents us from saving than our propensity to spend it all, or even to spend more.

The importance of the purchase


It is a golden rule in real estate: a good investment is negotiated at the time of purchase. To do so, it is imperative to buy below market prices. Why is this? To increase the rate of return, of course, but not only. A real estate investment below market prices ensures you an interesting capital gain on resale.

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